How can an award-winning creative director for some of the world’s largest advertising agencies help you organize your office, home and life? The answer is simple. For twenty years I managed a diverse staff of talented but often disorganized people. And successfully helped them get organized (giving new meaning to the words “org chart”).

Now I am channeling that talent into helping people manage and organize their personal lives. Where others see a “mess” I see opportunities to turn chaos into order. I can help you find undiscovered spaces and create easy access to your important things.

The scope in which I help isn’t limited to an office or file cabinet. It spans children’s rooms (I’m also a parent), kitchens (one of my favorites), closets, living rooms, house moves (I’ve done my fair share), garages, yard sales (what to put out and how to display it), gardens (I’ll share my green thumb). I have a vast group of skilled people to do more extensive work on your home or office.

I will work with you or on my own. The choice is yours. My job is to get your life organized fast without disrupting your daily flow. And you can trust that my objective isn’t just to purge but to understand what’s important to you and make it easier for you to access, use and enjoy.

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