“Piles of home files, from financial papers to employment contracts to my kid’s grades…Five full drawers of “stuff.” Deborah worked with me to condense, toss and organize all the documents into three drawers—with room to spare. She labeled files and sorted them in categories that I can easily follow and keep organized. And the process was quick and easy. She even organized a drawer of odds and ends I forgot I had!”
—Jessica, Executive Producer, ABC News

“My wife had just passed away. The last thing I wanted to deal with was clean out our home and deal with all the decisions of what to do with the things we had amassed. Deborah brought calm into the chaos and helped me methodically figure out what to do and then did it.”
—Walter, Author, Filmmaker, retiree

“Deborah helped me survive the transition from corporate office to home office. She helped me find the space, clear it out and turn 10 boxes of disorganized office files and materials into an organized way of doing business at home. She even helped me save money by reviewing with me what I needed to buy to set up my office.”
—Valerie, Advertising executive/writer

“Moving from my house of 45 years into an apartment was totally overwhelming. Deborah held my hand, helping me decide what to keep, what to throw out and how to make everything fit and look great in my new home; from the kitchen and bathrooms to the living room and bedrooms. Amazingly, it helped me feel comfortable right away.”
—Estelle, Retired teacher

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